Cliff Diving in Mostar

Have you ever gone swimming in a ridiculously cold body of water? I thought I had until I went to Bosnia and Herzegovina.  In the city of Mostar, which I will say was one of my favourite places despite the fact we only stayed there for a few hours, there’s a famous bridge where divers will essentially busk for a dive. Instead of playing music, they will ask for donations for them to jump off the bridge and into the river. It’s deep, but exceptionally cold. Not to mention just how high it is.  For a little info about it,it’s called the Stari Most bridge.  Our Topdeck group, well of course there were those who couldn’t wait to jump off the rock on the side of the bridge and into the depths. Of course this wasn’t as high as the bridge, no where near, but the water was so cold that when I put my feet in the edges they began to ache, really ache after only a few seconds.  There was no way I was going to dive into that water.


Kelly, Lorna and I went for a walk around the town and found somewhere nice to have lunch. It is very much full of Turkish influence there. We had lunch and ultimately decided we should bite the bullet and do the jump. From the little rock of course. The girls had their togs on but a lot of others went in their underwear. I left my shirt on, but got to my underwear and dived in. The thrill was exhilarating. The water was so cold that when you hit the water you instantly lost your breath. But as you were jumping from a height there was no chance to feel the water and ease your way in from the jumping point. You just had to go. It was incredible. The current drags you down about 20m before you climb out on the shore part, but soon as you’re out it’s fairly warm again.

I can’t explain why the water is so icy but it’s just the region.  Just wow. I jumped in another two times and I think I’m an adrenaline junkie. It’s not something I would have ordinarily done but I thought of my boyfriend. He will go swimming in any kind of conditions. I thought, if he can, I can. It gave me the confidence to do one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.



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