End of Assessment Madness

Nothing entirely exciting happened yesterday.  I have never been so stressed out about an assignment before, which in turn meant I was too scared to bother going to the teacher. I should know this stuff, I thought. I shouldn’t have to bother with asking for help or extensions. Sometimes, you just need help.  The games design course here is so different to home. They use Unity 3D in first year, which is pretty much what we were all begging for at home… home gets us to learn Blender which is free animation software which can be used as a game engine but really don’t please, don’t. They also start to get taught how to model objects and characters in 3ds Max which for all of you reading this you may know it’s a modelling tool, a very good expensive industry tool which is really beneficial to learn. I’m learning how to model characters, sculpt their details in another program called ZBrush (which I love) and then putting textures on them and animating the characters. It’s a lot of work when I’ve never done it before, but if I had done the entire degree here I would know how to. Lucky me who picks a third year class in a university that is actually more advanced than my own haha. Anyway I have ended up getting put with the animation students but doing the game design assessment; I’m making a master and creature whereas the animation students are only making one character, but instead of the assignment being due Monday like the rest of the game designers it’s now due when the animation students have theirs due, in January. It is such a relief. So over the Christmas break I have… an interactive website to finish creating in Flash, a character and creature to finish modelling, etc etc (insert animation jargon here) and animating, and a retro top down game to finish creating in Unity. Oh and the advertising for the game also. It’s so great but it’s also so much work. I love it here but it’s so overwhelming being thrown into all this.

I have been going a little stir crazy lately and I do think it’s because I haven’t been doing much but uni, I still have to find time to live too! I did go to Scotland a few weeks ago but I still think I need to get out of the house/the campus a little more often than I do. Oh well, international students Christmas Party tomorrow! Should be good again to get out, but at least two of my international friends can’t go because of other commitments. One’s (my friend Ricardo from Mexico) going to see Coldplay in London, for only 40 pounds!! The other, Stephen, is going to Scotland for the weekend. Jess & I are still intent on going but I can’t seem to locate the people selling tickets *curiously scans library as I’m typing*. It will be fun to go to. It’s in a club called Oceana, which is a very nice place in Leeds. It is also where the Calvin Harris gig was that I went to. Makes it the third time I have seen him and I absolutely love him. It was so packed… that’s for another post though.

I may go to the cinema tonight. I know I’m in Leeds, UK and I’m deciding to go to the movies. But honestly, never have I been somewhere that’s so close to any kind of civilisation hahah except my Grandma’s. We have the freedom of no parents (at least for another week, Jess’ Mum and Mum’s fiancée Richard are coming over soon)  so why not enjoy going out for the hell of it? It’s always a struggle for students wherever you might be in the world, but having a life, and getting work done is one thing… have a job at the same time… well I swear this is the hardest semester I have ever done, so in any case I am thrilled that I don’t have work to worry about!  I miss the people I work with, I miss meeting (the occasional) friendly customers. But I wouldn’t give this experience up for the world.



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  1. Lucie Lou
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 11:33:03

    Ah Rach! We miss you!!!!!!! Youre one of the most awesomest people Ive ever met.. they are lucky to have you over there to bless their lives, even if it is just for a few months 🙂 Loving your blog!


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